Chumby at FITC Toronto 2007 from 4/22-24 — see you there!

February 23, 2007

 FITC banner

Duane Maxwell, Chumby’s Head of Software Engineering, and Steve Tomlin (i.e., me), Chumby’s CEO, will be presenting Chumby at Flash in the Can (FITC) in Toronto on April 22-24.

We hope that you’ll attend and visit with us while we’re there. Many of the FITC presenters have received alpha-prototype chumbys (quite a few who had successfully convinced us they could do great things with them). We hope that these Flash God(desse)s are able to show you some new and amazing chumby widgets.

We may even bring one or two to give away — so look us up :^)

2 Responses to “Chumby at FITC Toronto 2007 from 4/22-24 — see you there!”

  1. I wanted to check into your product for commercial use concept I’m working on. But alas, your website appears to be down, wanted to make you aware in the remote chance that you didn’t already know.

    I hope this a result of too many hits!


  2. Sorry about that.

    Our domain registrar was under a DOS attack (they were in the news about it), so our DNS record was wrong for a couple of hours.

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