New Chumby web site

April 7, 2007

Check out our new web site here.  We hope you like it.  We think the site overall looks much better and does a better job of showing off the alpha-prototype chumby (note: the picture is still not the one we’ll be selling this summer — that one will look much better.)  There’s lots of improved functionality here for prototype chumby owners.  Many of you have been asking for the ability to reorder the play sequence of widgets and to control the duration of individual widgets — these features have been added.  Plus hopefully greatly improved user-interface.

Please let us know what you think!


7 Responses to “New Chumby web site”

  1. summit Says:

    when exactly is the chumby coming out because i’m psyched!!

  2. Hi Guys,

    Throw us a bone and releae the cumby. I’m really want to play with it.

  3. June Says:

    Yes! I want it to be released before may! My credit card expires then…

  4. Danka Says:

    Alternative products are already catching up to the ‘plainly featured’ Chumby. Stick a smartphone in/on a sack case and it’s good to go. Don’t lag and lose, otherwise it will appeal only to young kids and tinkers.

  5. aronvamma Says:

    Just went through your pages. Are you trying to be with my ratty grave A joke for you! Did you hear that NASA has launched several Holsteins into low earth orbit? It was the herd shot around the world.

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