May 6, 2007

The chumby devices, when we launch them this Summer, will be quite a bit better and in some ways different, from the alpha-level prototypes that we have distributed and that you currently see on our Web site and in some owners’ blog posts.

We have created an affordance (a fancy word for a little ring) to enable you to hang charms from your chumby.  You can hang whatever you’d like there — be creative.  We (specifically Susan Kare) are creating a line of our own rubber Chumby Charms that we think you will like and that will be available soon.

Here’s my favorite so far: hamby.


7 Responses to “hamby”

  1. Rod Begbie Says:

    As I believe “the kids” like to say these days, “ZOMG AWESOMES!@!”

    I love Susan Kare’s work, and the thought of getting something designed by her that isn’t just pixels-on-screen is getting me quite excited. Can’t wait til these roll out.

  2. June Says:

    That hamby is cute. Lol

  3. Oo.et.oO Says:


  4. David Hamby Says:

    I wonder if I can claim royalties…. Hamby is my last name :)

    At any rate, I can’t wait for these things to come out.

  5. Michelle Hamby Says:

    My last name, too! And amazingly bears a resemblance to many of my relatives. Looking forward to buying one.

  6. chandler Says:

    They should offer a carrot one for vegetarians!

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