Quick peek

May 6, 2007

Okay, okay, I probably shouldn’t tease about a “new look” and new functionality for the chumby without showing a picture.  Here’s the industrial design drawing of one of the new chumbys:

new lime green chumby

The soft housing will be leather, and a synthetic fabric or two if leather’s not your bag, so to speak.  They’ll come in a variety of other colors too.  Some more conservative, some a little more adventurous.  Some colors and styles we’ll probably always have (“classics,” we hope) while others will be very much “limited editions.”

Coming soon ;^)


27 Responses to “Quick peek”

  1. Duncan Says:

    Can’t wait to get one!

  2. Rayna R Murphey Says:

    Chumby is an awesome gadget and I hope everyone that gets one has a great experience with it.

  3. herbert Says:

    I am from austria and awaiting to get my chumby. when is it available in the stores around me? ;)

  4. June Says:

    What are the chances that when the chumby comes out that you’ll immediately turn around and make a new better chumby that costy more and we’ll be stuck wiht an out of date obsolete chumby?

  5. Immediately? Pretty low. We have a lot invested in the production of the current chumby device.

    In the long run, however, of course we’re going to evolve the chumby device. It doesn’t make much sense to cast the current design in stone and never change it.

  6. Richard Frost Says:

    I would love to pre-order one now – would you be able to take pre-orders?

    This is an awesome device!

  7. Matthew Says:

    I want one so badly. You guys should publish a teaser video or lend one to engadget to preview, I can’t get enough info on the chumby anywhere. (meaning that i’m looking everywhere just to find anything new…but there isnt.)

  8. June Says:

    I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I was just thinking of the possibilities. I was talking in the sense of like… the playstation. You really wanted one and saved up all your money for it. When it finally came out you bought it and it was cool. Everyone would talk about the cool games they have for it THEN. PS2 comes out. Everyone buys that but you can’t afford it. =( You are no longer cool and your playstation is out of date. -end rant-
    I like the information they already have here. Another teaser would be nice though ;)

  9. cr14mson Says:

    Arghh….stop with the teasing already! Must…have…one… *faints in anticipation* lol

  10. DT Says:

    Who did you guys us for your Industrial Design?

  11. jamesv Says:

    I second (third/forth/fifth) the idea of a preorder when things are fully locked down. I have sold a few ideas through for client work using the platform and would love to see final color choices and the like.

    Here are the slides from the Flash in the Can presentation:

  12. Duncan Says:

    I would also like to pre-order one… Is this possible?

  13. We used Meyerhoffer ( http://www.meyerhoffer.com/ ) for the industrial design.

    We know that folks are getting impatient, but we’re making a *lot* of changes to the system based on the feedback we got from the Alpha unit testers – we spun an entirely new board, a new enclosure with some new and replaced sensors, an entirely new, up-to-date Linux kernel and drivers, and entirely new Flash Player with support for new media types, and new Control Panel. There are also some critical software components that are coming from third parties that we’re waiting for official release.

    It’s taking longer than everyone (including us) would like, but the end result should be well worth it. I think people will be amazed at what the chumby will be able to do, and there’s plenty of new hacker fodder to keep the tech types busy too.

  14. Matthew Says:

    So Duane, does this mean that it could possibly go past the expected June release?

    I wouldnt want to say I’m getting impatient…more that I’m far too excited. haha

  15. Alex Says:

    I second Matthew above me. Is the Chumby still on track for a June release?

  16. Marcus Says:

    So many possibilitys so little time *sigh* need one badly! its killing me. also a comment, dont you think that 64 MB is a little slow? how about upgrading that? just a suggestion but the storage space isnt so hot. sorry to criticize but just cant wait. sorry to ramble on

  17. Steve Tomlin Says:

    To Marcus’ comment, not sure that storage is that important a feature for a standard chumby device — it basically just downloads and displays widgets over the network via wi-fi, and doesn’t really store them locally on any permananent basis. So think of it as a “widget viewer” with some other cool interactive features. In any event, not sure why you connect the amount of local memory to a speed issue — not really like a PC accessing locally-stored programs.

    RE: release date, we’re still on-track to ship some chumbys in June, though this may be a small trial beta run to prove out our logistics systems and the whole supply chain. Broader, more general, availability by July. I guess I consider September the end of Summer, so can I call July “early Summer?” :^)

  18. Incidentally, if you want to add storage, you can add it through the USB ports with a USB flash drive – we’ve even attached fairly large USB hard drives. However, this really isn’t helpful for the normal operation of the device which has no use for it.

    Also, keep in mind this thing isn’t running a desktop operating system like Windows, which uses tons of memory and storage – the chumby is running a lightweight version of Linux specifically tuned for this hardware.

  19. Matthew Says:

    In addition to Steve’s comments, thats the whole point of the chumby: the wifi. Its meant to connect to your computer, media and internet not be all of these things.

    So Steve, may I ask how you will decide who gets these ‘small trial beta’ chumbys? I’ve been watching the chumby since August and would kill for one. I hate to share this but I literally check for any new chumby news pretty much every day.

  20. Steve Tomlin Says:

    Matthew, it’s coming. We’re still shooting for June release to a handful of “beta” customers — stay tuned. Broader availability to be in July. You heard it here first :^)

  21. Cary Hara Says:

    Hi Steve and Zina,

    I just discovered the Chumby thing a few weeks back and fell out of my chair when I found out it was you guys. Do you remember me from way back at Disney? I vaguely remember Duane too for some reason.

    Sorry I had to hijack your blog for this. I couldn’t find your email address. Just wanted to say congratulations!


    P.S. I’m still working closely with Adrian (Stunt Island)!

    P.S. I’m still

  22. MazE Says:

    I can’t still believe I didn’t noticed Chumby until today !
    Some photo show EXACTLY what I would make with such a beauty.
    Hope it will be available here in Italy as soon as possible !!!

  23. Alex Says:

    Thanks for the release date info. Are you guys still shooting for the $150-250 target price?

  24. June Says:

    Yeah, I can only pay $150

  25. Jon Says:

    Ok, so it is early summer now headed to mid summer really fast. Has chumby set an offical release date and is it online only or can I camp out at some store the night before? haha

  26. elmo Says:

    more music widgets

    radio-blog-club mabye?

  27. James Says:

    It looks like I need to know Flash in order to write widgets for this. I’m wondering why Flash was chosen, when it seems like there are plenty of open source alternatives (you’ve probably answered this question till you are blue in the face but I didn’t see the faq). I’m just ranting because I don’t know flash and this is the only project that would make me want to learn it.

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