“Virtual chumby” on Facebook

June 5, 2007

We’ve had “virtual chumbys” available for awhile, but we recently launched a “virtual chumby” application on the new Facebook platform, which is very exciting.  If you have a Facebook account, log in, and go the “virtual chumby” application page and add it to your profile.  If you don’t already have a Facebook account, why don’t you?  If you don’t already have a Chumby account (again, why don’t you?), you can create one and then build a widget channel for your virtual chumby on Facebook.  When your friends visit your Facebook page, they’ll see what’s on your chumby …or at least they virtually will.

Note: we recognize that this isn’t as good as it should be yet, and we’ll be improving this application over time, so it will only get better :^)


8 Responses to ““Virtual chumby” on Facebook”

  1. Dave Child Says:

    “Early summer” has been and gone, and no changes to the website. Is this project dead? Where are the updates, release date and -gasp- communications that are expected of companies these days?

  2. We’ll ship the product when it’s ready, not before. Presumably you want to get a properly functioning product as much as we’d like to ship one.

    At best we’ve given indications when we expect to ship, but we haven’t made public promises about a particular “drop dead” date because that would be stupid and pointless.

    I have a full-fledged right-from-the-factory production chumby sitting on my desk, awaiting final software, which is in QA.

    The site has actually gone through a lot of major changes, most of which aren’t obvious, mostly in preparation for the production shipments. There’s a *lot* of stuff that’s up but not publicly accessible yet.

    If we really want to play semantic games, however, “summer” officially begins in June and ends in September.

  3. Chumby Says:

    So I have a virtual chumby, how do i change its virtual skin?

  4. Chumby Says:

    One more thing, I understand your reluctance to give a date for the chumby to be on sale, but do you have an approxamate deadline or date? Is it possible to be on a waiting list for the soon-to-come chumbys?

    Hungry for a Chumby

  5. chumby is the best

  6. chumby Says:

    Keep the faith, we’re almost there: https://chumby.wordpress.com/2007/06/24/launch-plans-and-product-features/

    The reason we’re a little delayed is because we’ve built the chumby around the brand-new Adobe Flash Lite 3 software and added the ability for you to see Internet video on it. I think you’ll agree it was worth the extra time :^)

  7. Anon Says:

    “If you don’t already have a Chumby account (again, why don’t you?)”

    Haha, um, maybe I don’t because managing accounts suck! I’m very reluctant to make any sort of contribution to an online community if I have to sign up first. It’s just not worth my while, even for something as exciting as the chumby.

  8. social media Says:

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