The chumby’s new user-interface

June 24, 2007

In addition to touching its screen, you squeeze a chumby to interact with it. Squeezing the chumby pauses the widget that you’re looking at and pulls up a “control panel” that lets you do things.  When you press, “Hide Control Panel,” it goes away and takes you back to your widgets.  Here’s what it looks like:

chumby Control Panel

We’ll let you guess what everything does — hopefully pretty obvious :^)


5 Responses to “The chumby’s new user-interface”

  1. That looks fabulous!

  2. […] it and i’m looking forward to the production unitsAnd just today Chumby Industries revealed some more information on the production units at FOO Camp 2007. They are going to ship with FlashLite […]

  3. […] 4. “dramatically enhanced user interface and functionality as Steve puts it. Here is one preview shot. Looks nice for what it is and what it does. Simple is better on the Chumby. Steve has more info here. […]

  4. emoc Says:


    I wrote a post (in french) about chumby (here : ), and hope some chumbys will cross the Atlantic. We like octopus too here!

  5. Hugh Says:

    Will this update on the alpha prototypes as well? not that i mind my prototyp-y buddy, but that new interface does look pretty sweet.

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