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The chumby is an IPTV

July 3, 2007

As I type this I am watching lengthy anime features, from a widget created by our friends at Anime Kiosk, on my chumby.  Assuming you like anime, it is really cool and demonstrates that the chumby isn’t really a “widget appliance” or a “cuddly bedside computer” (all other people’s terms, by the way, and not ones we particularly like), it is an inexpensive internet television, or IPTV.  Streaming Flash video on a small and “lifestyle-friendly” device (i.e., not a full-blown PC) is really amazing.  At least I’m enjoying it :^)

Now if you don’t happen to like anime, don’t worry.  Lots more streaming video widgets will be coming soon to a chumby near you.  So get a teeny, tiny, cuddly bag of popcorn and stand by.