Chumby’s “First 50” Program

July 29, 2007

Fifty of you who have applied have now received emails from Chumby Industries indicating that you have been chosen to participate in our “First 50” program — enabling you to be one of the very first people to experience a real chumby. We hope you’ll participate and we can’t wait to hear what you think about your Chumby experience. This “First 50” program will be brief but is very important to us — these are the very first “prime time” chumbys that we think are ready to be in the hands of people other than developers or ourselves (and a big improvement over our alpha chumbys). We want to make sure that the end-to-end Chumby experience is high-quality, easy, and hopefully even delightful: the packaging, the brief documentation, the extra goodies, and the process of turning your chumby on and connecting it to your network and creating and viewing Chumby widget channels, and the widgets themselves. We can’t wait to hear what you think. Your observations and comments will help make Chumby better for everyone as we continue to roll-out later this Summer.


51 Responses to “Chumby’s “First 50” Program”

  1. Duncan Says:

    I’m not in the first 50 :(


  2. Sebz Says:

    Me neither …

    Can’t wait :)

  3. Kaleem Says:

    Nothing in my inbox, but in the event one of the 50 who received an e-mail is unable to participate and complete their duties, I’d be happy to be a runner-up ;)

    Best of luck with the official launch!

  4. Nick Says:

    Can’t wait. This is going to be one awesome piece of tech. :-D

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  6. Molly Says:

    I can’t believe I’m in the first 50 ^_^! I’ve already responded to the e-mail, but when will we be hearing back about ordering our chumbys?

  7. Seth Says:

    *sniff* *sniff*

    I didn’t make it in either. And I thought I made a pretty convincing case. I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer and get a final product.

  8. Ashmin Says:

    I am one of the first 50 too! I responded to the email…I’ve been checking my email like crazy looking for another email also.

  9. Chris Cook Says:

    What was the response like for the first 50? How many people applied?

  10. chumby Says:

    All “First 50”-ers should have heard via email by now. Sorry to any of you who applied and didn’t get selected. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t — you’ll be able to get your own chumby in hopefully about a month or so, though depends a lot on how the First 50 program goes. We’ll make sure that those of you who participate actively in our Forum and Blog hear about broader availability first and have the earliest chance to get one! :^) We really want the Chumby Experience to be a great one — we’ve all been working too hard, and waiting too long (!), to risk not delighting people. We also want to make sure that non-super-technical people can easily figure out how to make their chumbys work — certainly don’t want to scale up customer service problems. In order to try to understand this mainstream market well, we selected our “First 50’ers” to be as representative as possible of this broad group of people. But don’t worry, we still love our hackers and geeks ;^)

  11. Grnfrogday Says:

    I am so excited I have called my friends. We want to have a Chumby shower. Actually it’s just another excuse to have a party!!! The Chumby event!! I am working on Chumby invitations now!

  12. Andrew Says:

    I wish I had one of the first 50.
    But in a few weeks… welcome Chumbo!

  13. Krystina Says:

    Made it to the First 50! I’ve been ecstatic about it since I read the e-mail. I’m very excited to get the opportunity to share my experience and perspective about what currently sounds like a totally awesome product. Woo HOO!!!! The power of Chumby compels me!

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  16. jdps Says:

    I’m one of the “First 50′ers” !
    Well, “WE” are… Co-habitant just advised that they would like to get in on the fun too. That’s fine, I’ll share. Till I can get them one of their own.
    I eagerly anticipate the next message. After it’s shipped, I’ll track it just like the grandkids follow Santa on Xmas Eve. The un-boxing reception photos will be posted as soon as it’s hooked up.
    Thanks Chumby!

  17. adrianzegerman Says:

    man i really wanted to be in the first 50 does anyone know when everyone else can buy the chumby and how much is it going to be??????

  18. WOO HOO! Im one of the first 50, I almost didn’t catch the e-mail because I was on a business trip. I can’t wait for my little pal to arrive. Just a question….has anyone received the order information via e-mail yet???

  19. Tom Matysik Says:

    I’m excited to say I’m in the first 50 as well.

    I was just about to say that I haven’t received order info yet, but an email from Chumby Industries just popped into my inbox! Man, I’m excited.

  20. Jonathan Says:

    I am also in the first 50 and I got my order information last night.
    Ordered a black chumby and can’t wait to play with my lil buddy!

  21. Greg Mathews Says:

    I am one of the first 50 so excited. Can not wait to start it up. Ordered the all black

  22. RS Says:

    Uh…can a 20 get me in the 50? So, when do we get our hands on this thing? I’m armed with Linux, Flash and a passion for high quality web radio development and wifi appliances to play it on.

  23. Kevin-John Says:

    Hmmm…. I thougth FOR SURE I would have been picked..


    … hm… is there a list somewhere?

    …mebbe my spam filters nabbed it?


  24. Jack Whaley Says:

    Put me on the list, with seven smart grandkids, I need somthing they dont have.

  25. June Says:

    No way. I didn’t get in the first 50 list. ;_;
    So when’s it coming out!

  26. Mitchell Says:

    I wish all the 50 Well, but this seems to drag on and on and on.

  27. Steve Says:

    What the heck is taking so long? I wanted one… but now I’m getting bored with the constant delays and waiting…. I think this is my last visit to this stupid website – I’m tired of being teased

  28. Mitchell Says:

    It is a hard game to play, tease to long and you may lose the people you want to advocate your product.

    I think now would be the time to provide a date people can purchase their item and quit sitting on the fence and saying we want to get it perfect.

  29. chumby Says:

    June, Mitchell, Steve,

    Please hang in there. Literally today, tomorrow, over the weekend and on Monday the “First 50” chumbys will arrive in people’s hands. Many of these people will be blogging about their experiences, and that’s fine with us — so hopefully you’ll hear first-hand from them whether it sounds like chumby is worth your wait. We certainly hope and expect that it is. The delay on our end comes from a combination of waiting for Adobe’s Flash Lite 3 in order to incorporate it into chumbys to enable them to stream video and play audio, and our moving somewhat slowly to make sure that everyone is happy with the product and the experience before we scale this up to everyone. So the First 50 program will probably run through this month (August) and then, in September, anyone who has given us their email address through our site will be hearing from us regarding ability to get a chumby. Again, I hope and expect that you’ll be grateful that we took the time to get it right.

  30. Kevin Says:

    MMy Chumby arrived today and it was everything I expected it to be. Set-up was simple and my Chumby is sitting beside my bedside happily scrolling through my widgets.

    Great job!


  31. Mitchell Says:

    Cool photo there Kevin. Sort of gives us unlucky Non-First 50er’s a view of the good life.

    I also want to add that Youtube has a video of the unpacking and set up of a Chumby.

    Ahhh! Another way of living through the luck 50.

  32. meinrosebud Says:

    I’d be a nice little addition to my desk.

  33. chandler Says:

    This is such a awesome device! I will be getting the latte one mmm, latte!

  34. tim the toyman Says:

    Incredibly chumbilicious.—let us know as soon as they are ready–we had a party tonite watching all the videos and reviews posted all over the internet—-put us down for 53–in any color—the chumby focus group

  35. June Says:

    What the heck is taking so long? I wanted one… but now I’m getting bored with the constant delays and waiting…. I think this is my last visit to this stupid website – I’m tired of being teased
    I hear ya. I have all my money saved up and just wanna buy the thing and get it over with. I am this close to spending the money on something else! >.<

  36. John Darnell Says:

    I’ve done a fairly thorough search and cannot find out how much one of these little babies will set me back. Anyone got any idea?

  37. linuxlibrarian Says:

    I believe $175 US dollars, including shipping, is the price Steve gave.

    I guess shipping is included because they wanted no add-ons or hidden surprises (personally, I’m hoping that the price includes UPS 2nd or 3rd day or USPS Priority, because UPS Ground and FedEx ground are horrendous in my area.)

  38. John Darnell Says:

    Okay, then. Priced to sell like a Segway. As fun as this object looks, it will not become a household object for at least a few years, I predict. Personally, I’d be willing to fork over sixty bucks per, but not a lot more…

  39. Mitchell Says:

    June, as you said “I hear ya!”

    I’d like to rant and rave about the delays, but what use is it. You want the product, they aren’t selling the product (yet, later, sooner or never; what is the difference?).

    Me, I was getting anxious and all; but you know what? I really don’t care anymore. It is not worth getting worked up about.

    So, when it comes out, and if I get the email; I will see what I will do then.

    Peace to all in Chumbyland

  40. Mitchell Says:

    Yup! The Chumby Fever has passed out of my system. See ya all later!

  41. James Says:

    yes we get it, you’re not bothered.

    I’ll be getting one

  42. hakiri Says:

    It would be great if some of the first 50 owners could post here a YouTube movie of a Chumby playing … another YouTube movie …

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  44. June Says:

    Yup! The Chumby Fever has passed out of my system. See ya all later! Yeah I know. I was excited about it, but now…. I mean, how long can one be excited about something? I spent my money on stuff I need.

  45. not in first 50 either :( and, for the record, I’m “bothered”.


  46. Mitchell Says:

    What the killer is is a shifting, or non-present release date. 2nd Quarter; 3rd Quarter, Summer (which we are quickly running out of). This creates fustration.

    iPhone had an exact release date and it became a rallying point.

    Then I think of the lesson of Furby, shortages, frantic ebay bids; but when the product was in everybody’s hands they lost interest quickly.The hype could not substain it.

    Then there are the corporate predators, waiting to trump up their own versions.

    It is a jungle out there little Chumby, be careful.

  47. Mitchell Says:

    Selection of the first 50.

    I wonder what the key criteria was. I hope it was not having a blog a flckr account? As everyone has one (nearly).

    Maybe what I should have said was I work for an agency of 35,000 people, all by the nature of our work are tech heads and gadget hounds.

    All I am saying is a blog isn’t everything.

  48. r0k Says:

    No posts since August 17th? what happened here? ok, i just noticed the posts are all in the first 50 update blog. that really should be linked from this blog so it doesn’t appear the thing ran aground on august 17th.

  49. Mitchell Says:

    Harr! We ran aground and it not even is Gilligan’s island we be on! Argghhhhh!

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