Chumby charms for sale

January 17, 2008

Come and get ’em.

7 Responses to “Chumby charms for sale”

  1. rob Says:

    Problem: Since most of my Chumby’s time is spent cycling through photos of my toddler (via Flickr,) the toddler in question is rather enamored of Chumby. This has led to Bumble the Chumby being dropped on the floor at least once. Luckily, no harm done so far. But if I were to put a Chumby charm on it, either the ones that came with it or these cool new ones, I’m guessing the Chumby violence would rise in frequency until I was forced to remove it to a out-of-reach place. So no more charms for me.

  2. Phillip Kerman Says:

    Cool–my kid likes the one I put on her school bag. But… putting “actual size” on the pop up for “more images” makes no sense… and in fact is in accurate.

  3. Lee Graham Says:

    Very cool concept, but the price point is a little high for me.

  4. saba Says:

    costwise, i think it would bebetter if they were all sold as 1 set, but for like $10 or $15

  5. dataman Says:

    Granted, an all in one kit would be nice. But I do see these as limited collector’s editions, so you’ve got my order!

    I really didn’t understand the purpose of the charms till I got my chumby. Thank you for cleverly placed charm holder.

  6. john brown Says:

    please update the images on the charms store page.

  7. David Hamm Says:

    I think the charms are useless…what would be more useful is a Palm-pilot-like stylus instead. I use one and it makes the Chumby a thousand times better.

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