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Wear Chumby

April 19, 2008

When we gave out our earliest chumby prototypes at FOO Camp a couple of years ago, we wanted to make a really nice impression, so we included t-shirts along with them as well as some other schwag. Yes, I know that giving away t-shirts hardly constitutes marketing brilliance, but we really worked hard to make sure that our t-shirts were amazing — they come from Alternative Apparel, they fit really well, are super soft and look good, and they don’t make wearers look like some dorky tech company billboard. Recipients noticed :^) Since then we’ve had lots of demand for them. So we’ve finally gotten around to making them generally available.

You can now get them here. Like most of you, I have a drawer full of truly crappy t-shirts that were given to me, mostly from tech companies. I’ll never wear them. But I love my Chumby shirts — and so does everyone I have ever given one to. It is immediately their favorite t-shirt of all time.

Brown Chumby T-Shirt

Click here to get one, or more than one, and let us know what you think.