Wear Chumby

April 19, 2008

When we gave out our earliest chumby prototypes at FOO Camp a couple of years ago, we wanted to make a really nice impression, so we included t-shirts along with them as well as some other schwag. Yes, I know that giving away t-shirts hardly constitutes marketing brilliance, but we really worked hard to make sure that our t-shirts were amazing — they come from Alternative Apparel, they fit really well, are super soft and look good, and they don’t make wearers look like some dorky tech company billboard. Recipients noticed :^) Since then we’ve had lots of demand for them. So we’ve finally gotten around to making them generally available.

You can now get them here. Like most of you, I have a drawer full of truly crappy t-shirts that were given to me, mostly from tech companies. I’ll never wear them. But I love my Chumby shirts — and so does everyone I have ever given one to. It is immediately their favorite t-shirt of all time.

Brown Chumby T-Shirt

Click here to get one, or more than one, and let us know what you think.


2 Responses to “Wear Chumby”

  1. Bill Kearney Says:

    How about a chumby sticker for the car? One with the chumby and a ‘chumby.com’ caption below it. That way if one didn’t want the caption it’d be simple to cut it off. Perhaps someday the chumby icon itself would be as ubiquitous as bitten fruit, but meanwhile the caption would at least serve to draw people (new customers) to the website.

  2. nalts Says:

    I’m wearing my green one to bed. My wife said it was cool before she even realized that it was the logo of the device that had been consuming me all evening. She’s going to steal the shirt. I’d better get a backup.

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