My new favorite Chumby clock…

May 1, 2008

…is Anatomy of a Clock modeled after the opening sequence of Anatomy of a Murder that you can see here or dissect (so to speak) here. Check it out and watch the whole animated sequence.

Anatomy of a Clock









Just completely unique and very “Chumby.”  I’m sorry but whatever your current clock is, it isn’t this cool. Nice job, McConnell!

Of course my timekeeping mainstays are still the clocks that Susan Kare has done :^)


10 Responses to “My new favorite Chumby clock…”

  1. Shawn McConnell Says:

    Wow! Thanks for the great feedback. What an honor to be mentioned along side of Susan Kare!

  2. Col Says:

    Sunday May 4. is down (or at least unreachable)….

  3. Phreqd Says:

    Yup, it’s the 5th and it’s still down. Need my Chumby fix!

  4. Joe Says:

    You never realize how much you use your Chumby until it’s not there for you! I wish there was some sort of info about what is going on. It seems like bad biz to have your server down for so long without a warning or explanation. What are your guesses… I think it was hacked.

  5. MovableBeast Says:

    Yeah, WTF with being down? No offense, but I’m getting tired of looking at the clock. I could have spent a lot less money on a good clock if that’s all I wanted to look at.

    My guess? They ran out of money? If that’s the case, at least let someone out there host the site so we can get our feeds.

  6. John Says:

    Take responsibility.

    Say something.

  7. An explanation of the “downtime” can be found on the forum. See:

    The issue was that our third-party DNS provider was propagating a damaged record. We have since taken control over the record and it will take a little while to propagate.

  8. Phreqd Says:

    I’m not having any issues with my Chumby at all. All my widgets are working but I haven’t been able to access the website. Even the link above doesn’t work for me. Are people’s Chumby’s not working??

  9. A chumby that had been running before and across the “outage” would have had no problem because it would have cached the IPs of the chumby domains.

    A chumby that had been powered up *during* the “outage” may have had problems depending upon whether the user’s ISP had received a bad address from the corrupted third-party DNS server.

  10. matt Says:

    Nice work McConnell!

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