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Liz’s Dog’s chumby

May 22, 2008

When we first discussed Chumby at FOO Camp, someone who heard the idea thought it would be perfect entertainment for his parrot. “I could set my chumby near Polly’s cage,” he remarked, “and she will be amused all day long while I’m at work.” Well, okay.

We’re delighted when we hear that people are adapting their chumbys to fill their personal needs — that’s really the point, the chumby is not a one-trick pony. We expect that everyone’s chumby will be different and will be used differently. Some people want to wake up to their chumby, other people are completely happy with their current method of waking up and, instead, want their chumby desk-side to inform and amuse them all the live-long day, simply at a glance. Some have theirs in their bathroom, some in their kitchen. Some like their chumby in a box, some like their chumby with a fox, or on a train or in the rain with green eggs and ham.


We’ve seen what’s on Liz’s chumby. And we’ve seen the gruesome outcome of what a chumby looks like when a dog uses it as a chew toy (no link posted intentionally), so we don’t recommend that use. But Liz’s dog is a bit more sophisticated than the average canine brute, so here, without further ado, is Elliot and his chumby.