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Buy chumbyskins

August 22, 2008

Once upon a time I mentioned to Tim O’Reilly that one of the cool things we were trying to do with chumby was to make it open to developers on every level for adaptation, enhancement, improvement, customization — including at the physical level and specifically involving the craft movement that is large and growing. In other words, your chumby could be modified not just by recompiling the software or taking a soldering iron to the circuit board, but could also be “hacked” with a seam-ripper.

Previously, I teased you with pictures of some of these craft efforts.

Now you can buy these here hosted by our good friends at Etsy. Please do, they’re fun and many of us here in the chumby office have already adorned our chumbys with cool chumbyskins.

chumbyskins available at Etsy


Busy Summer…

August 7, 2008

…but some great new widgets every day on Chumby. I love this new RingTales widget featuring animated cartoons from The New Yorker

RingTales widget

Howard has been having some fun too :^)