Blue chumbys for sale first on eBay

October 24, 2008

We’re selling our newest chumby color, blue, on eBay in some special limited edition bundles.  If you want to be the first on your block, go get ’em at and search for “blue chumby.” There are only a few of these special limited edition blue chumby bundles, with t-shirt and all 5 charm sets (yes, the picture is incorrect — all 5 charm sets are included) available and only for a few days — so bid early and often…

…or if truly one-of-a-kind custom autographed or otherwise blinged-out chumbys from celebrities are what you’re after, check out: and bid on one of the celebrity chumbys — with proceeds going to various good causes.


7 Responses to “Blue chumbys for sale first on eBay”

  1. Swedish Pete Says:

    “No, bidding is not open internationally. Chumby can be shipped only within the United States.”

    Chumby, why haven’t you resolved whatever issues you have with shipping Chumbies to Europe? Why can’t you even let us on on the eBay auctions? Don’t you realize how frustrating this is? The months keep passing, and we don’t get one single word from you that you are actively working on a solution? Do you honestly intend to ever let us buy Chumbies?! Please forgive my harsh tone, but I don’t think you are showing your European fans any respect at all in handling this.

  2. Debt USA Says:

    Simply delicious!

  3. no Says:

    Swedish pete, post some contact info and I’m sure someone will contact you to coordinate an international delivery.

  4. aussie aaron Says:

    Yeah I agree with Swedish Pete –

  5. I agree with Aussie Aaron and Swedish Pete!

    Global shipping in a globalized world!!

  6. Hmmm. Why aren’t you doing this as a Dutch auction? With the flood of 30 distinct auctions, it’s very hard for us bidders to balance keeping our bid price under control with only winning a bid on 1 device. :(

  7. Nico Says:

    Cool… but not international shipping yet… c’mon, send Chumby to Europe too!!

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