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chumbys for sale in Japan… KAMPAI!

November 6, 2008


From the beginning we have had a lot of international interest in chumby — as may be apparent from the numerous user comments on this point attached to almost every post in this blog.  We’ve always wanted to offer chumbys worldwide, we really really have, but it just turned out that, for many reasons, this was hard to do and especially hard for a small company to do.  I don’t really want to get into all the reasons here, but this topic is belabored on chumby’s user forum.  However, we have been working at it and will be offering chumbys for sale, locally and legally, in certain additional countries.  First stop is Japan,, where chumby launched a couple of weeks ago.  We will be selling chumbys in more countries in the future, so stay tuned — but please recognize that it will take us time to establish appropriate distribution relationships and to comply with necessary laws and regulations to sell chumbys in every country.

So, Japan…. Kampai!