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chumby breaks free from its Italian leather bonds!

August 19, 2009

Elizabeth Woyke from Forbes wrote a nice piece about chumby yesterday.  Of course those of you who regularly read this blog have known for some time where chumby has been heading, because we told you back in January: .  While I wouldn’t exactly call myself the mastermind (“mwaaah-hah-hah”) behind chumby-as-a-service — fortunately chumby industries has far more masterful minds than the CEO’s doing the real work — this is, and always has been, where we’ve been headed.  We’re looking forward to offering you some of the cool new products we’re working on with many well-known partners.  Those of you who already own a chumby shouldn’t worry — you already know how we keep improving your device, for example adding Pandora, and your chumby will only continue to get better.  In fact I suspect that nothing that we’re working on will make you regret your purchase of a chumby now, so there’s still time to own “the classic,” even though we’re currently a bit thin on some of the colors.  A classic chumby remains the only Italian leather-covered “squishy” personal internet media player you can buy :^)

But there are some exciting new chumby products coming, so stay tuned.