chumby one available *now* for $99.95

November 12, 2009


This special pricing will only last through the end of November.  It’s our way of thanking our chumby friends who are paying attention :^)  And also a way to thank those of you willing to wait a bit and live with our current inventory situation where we’re selling chumby ones faster than we’re making them.  Sorry for the queue, but more chumby ones are on the way!


7 Responses to “chumby one available *now* for $99.95”

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  2. Euroboy Says:

    Dear Chumby. Can I have one? I have money to give you and I’m eager to place an order. I consider myself as a Chumby friend, I have waited for close to two (2) years, I don’t live in some shady country, I have an excellent eBay rating (and I consider myself trustworthy), and I would probably advocate the Chumby One once I have it. Oh, and another thing – I live in Sweden.

    So can I have one?

  3. Scott Says:

    Hi guys, just curious when the Japan store will get the chumby one… they are STILL only showing the original.


  4. Marcus Says:

    Ditto for Australia. Any word when the other sales partners will start shipping the One?

  5. Dale Says:

    Are you willing to give those of us who just paid $140 for the Guts a discount on the One?

  6. Aurélien Says:

    Pas mal ce petit terminal internet mais dommage qu’il ne soit pas disponible en Europe.

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