chumby one shipping update

December 12, 2009

We’re getting a few questions, and some anxiety, about shipping times of chumby one orders for U.S. delivery.  So here’s the status.

Orders for chumby one placed November 16 to 23 have already shipped.  Orders placed on or after November 24 will ship by December 17.  We’re working like hyper-caffeinated elves to get these orders out right now.  For these orders, we will ensure a timely delivery in the United States by Christmas, even if it means that we upgrade these orders to 2-day shipping if necessary, and at no additional cost to you.  Faster, Rudolph, faster!

For any orders placed on or after December 12 (today), we promise to do our best but *please* do not count on chumby ones placed on or after this date to arrive by Christmas:  you’re entering the “risky reindeer zone.”  We’d be cutting it too close for us to be confident of a Christmas arrival, even with expedited shipping.

Warm regards,

Your Friends, the wickedly stressed-out elves, at chumby industries


2 Responses to “chumby one shipping update”

  1. murphy Says:

    What about international orders like mine in germany?

  2. murphy Says:

    Oh forgot to mention. Mine was placed after 24 November, but before the first December :)

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