Who’s chumby for?

March 24, 2010

We’re always puzzled by the question, “But who is chumby for?”  Marketing 101 stipulates that “everyone!” is not an appropriate answer.  Whatever…


Or perhaps for your dog.

Or maybe for YOU!


4 Responses to “Who’s chumby for?”

  1. Phil Says:

    Thanks for the link, and the great product. The chumby was a much bigger hit in our house than I ever could have anticipated.

  2. Euroboy Says:

    For me? I live in Scandinavia? Is it really for us, too?

  3. Casey Says:

    Chumby has become a fantastic alarm clock for me. And I enjoy Pandora Radio & weather widgets.

    But other than my..fart widget…(which has become my favorite way of expressing my self these days)…I have become rather bored.

    Chumby appears to have…dumbed down…the widgets in hopes of grabbing the much younger market.

    Myself…I was hoping for Chumby to play a more active role throughout the day.

    Pulling in audio baseball games come to mind…or real-time web-cams that has some meaningful activity.

    Still…I think the possibilities are more than forthcoming so…I’m gonna hang on to it…pressing my fart buttons…and keeping tabs on the weather.

  4. Ryo-ohki Says:

    It’s for the desk-side and bedside. For desk-side it sits near the monitor and runs the kind of apps desktop developers think you want running on your desktop which, of course, you never see since you apps cover them up. It provides time , weather, music, google voice, and other services bed-side which would otherwise require a laptop or netbook.

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