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Insignia Infocast is just another digital picture frame… or is it? ;^)

September 17, 2010

Perhaps more to this chumby-powered product than meets the eye.  And funny how none of this is mentioned on the packaging. ;^) ;^)

Not really a “tablet” because not really mobile — but perhaps something closer to the “Network Computer” that Oracle evangelized in the late 90s.  But with a touch screen… And chumby apps… And a lot more.

Certainly not for everyone, and not a replacement for your desktop PC… but very cool that this is available on the shelves of every Best Buy store, or here, for under $170! When was the last time you bought an inexpensive consumer electronics device and it turned out to be a lot more powerful than you thought?

If you actually want to try this hack (and not for the timid or anyone who is concerned about warranties), go here for more info.