welcome derrick oien, chumby’s new ceo!

September 23, 2010

chumby has a new head chumbian!  We’re delighted to announce that Derrick Oien has joined chumby industries as our new president and chief executive officer.  Derrick takes the helm at chumby as the company continues its growth and adds new functionality, new devices, and new partners.  So you’ll soon see the unique chumby streaming personalized internet media platform in many more places.  Expect Derrick to post on this blog soon introducing himself to all of you in the chumby community.

Company co-founder and former president and ceo, Steve Tomlin (i.e., your faithful scribe for all of these years), assumes the role of chairman of chumby industries and returns to his role as a partner at Avalon Ventures.

[So this blog is now Derrick’s, but maybe he’ll let me guest-post from time to time :^)]


5 Responses to “welcome derrick oien, chumby’s new ceo!”

  1. Eon Says:

    Uh oh. Here come the suits.


  2. […] Chumby announced a new CEO today. […]

  3. skunkyjay Says:

    Welcome aboard. Let’s toast to better products that can be a bigger part of everyone’s lives. :)

  4. Riptide360 Says:


    You going to move your blog over here?


    Would love to hear more about your plans for Chumby!

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