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Christmas on your chumby

December 11, 2014

So you’ve got your chumby playing widgets again, but somehow you’re just not feeling the Christmas spirit from the NOAA Weather app or the Upside Down Dogs.  Fortunately, there are several holiday apps that you can use to brighten your home or office for the season.

Just add a new channel, call it “Christmas” and add the apps:


Holiday Clock with Lights   Holiday Clock with Lights

This is a themed clock with blinking old-style C9-type lights.

Countdown to Christmas   Countdown to Christmas

An animated Santa lets you know how many days are left until Christmas Day – he gains weight over the year.

Christmas Countdown Lights   Christmas Countdown Lights

This is another countdown to Christmas day, themed like the Holiday Clock listed above.


Christmas Elf Dance   Christmas Elf Dance

This is a Simon-type game to match a pattern of lights to gain the approval of an elf.

Mindful's Christmas Critters   Mindfool’s Christmas Critters

Tap on the critters to get cookies – but don’t tap Santa!  From the fine folks at MindFool Games!

Happy Holidays Record Player   Happy Holidays Record Player

A record scratcher that plays small segments of Andy Williams singing “Happy Holidays” – see if you can play the whole song!

Santa Radar    Santa Radar

Use this one on Christmas Eve to get the kids in bed so you can start assembling those toys – keeps track of how many homes have been visited and cookies eaten by Mr. Kringle – and how many were skipped because the kids weren’t in bed!

Shake Ups! Santa Jokes   Shake Ups! Santa Jokes

A collection of child-safe Santa puns and jokes.


Fireplace (Video)   Fireplace (Video)

This is a looping video of a pleasant fireplace.

Fireplace (animated)   Fireplace (animated)

This is a smaller, animated version of a fireplace, tap to get audio.

Snow Globe 2.0   Snow Globe 2.0

A simple Snow Globe – responds to movement on smaller chumby devices that have accelerometers.

Snowman cam Snowman Cam

Webcam from Gaylord, Michigan, home of the world famous Snowman Cam. The one actually runs all year round as the snowman celebrates several holidays.

Moods: Snowflake   Moods: Snowflake

A sort of “screen saver” displaying snowflake patterns.

Moods: Snowfall   Moods: Snowfall

Another “screen saver” depicting snow falling in a field.

Snow Storm    Snow Storm

Another “screen saver” of falling snow – tap the screen to change the background scenery.

Merry Chumbmas   Merry Chumbmas

A simple holiday display with falling snow.

Candle Lite   Candle Lite

A wonderfully realistic candle with a flickering flame – great for setting the mood (for whatever..)!


SHOUTcast – do a search for “Christmas” – you’ll get a pretty good selection of stations streaming Christmas music of all types – classics, jazz, country, etc.

blue octy radio – Scroll down the list, and you’ll find a “Holiday” station that plays Christmas music.

Pandora – log into the Pandora website on your computer, do a search for Christmas as a genre, then add it to your account, then open up the Pandora music source on your chumby to play it.

Of course, you’ll also need to get your Christmas tree properly “chumbified” – we’ve added Chumby Christmas ornaments to our CafePress store:

Of course, you can alway get chumby gifts from The Chumby Store for your favorite Chumby fan – and it helps support the service, too!

The chumby charms also make a fine set of ornaments as well!