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chumby one shipping dates and new pricing with free shipping

November 30, 2009

On Wednesday of this week (12/2), as we previously announced, our special chumby insider price of $99.95 will expire — and the price of chumby one will be $119.95.  Still an amazing price for the newest chumby.  And we’ll even throw in free domestic ground shipping: that’s a $9.95 savings.

So you have one more day to get in at the $99.95 special price — what are you waiting for?  And you better tell your friends.

Also please note that while we originally expected to be able to continue to price multiple unit orders at $99.95 per chumby, we’re unfortunately no longer going to be able to do that — so our pants are on fire, at least for now.   Here’s why.  The demand for the new chumby one has, we confess, exceeded our expectations.  It now looks like it’s going to be tough to get enough chumby ones manufactured and shipped to everyone who is likely to want one in time for the Holidays.  For those of you who have already ordered chumby ones, don’t worry, you’ll be getting them — we’re only worried about running out in a couple of weeks if demand continues at its current pace and we can’t get more produced faster.  Correspondingly, we can’t really afford to offer discounted multiple unit sales now.  But, again, we are offering free shipping with the new price — we figure it’s the least we can do.

Some of you are grumpy (and rightly so!) that we slipped the ship date for the chumby ones you ordered.  Again, the issue is our getting sufficient chumby ones fast enough to keep up with demand.  If you ordered your chumby one on or before November 15, your chumby is expected to ship by December 3 — yes, *this* week.  If you ordered after November 15, we’re planning on shipping your chumby ones out to you by December 11th.  While having more demand than we can handle is supposed to be one of those “good problems” for a company like ours, and especially in this economy, we recognize that we’re disappointing some of you with these shipping delays — so thanks for your patience in bearing with us.  We hope you’ll be pleased enough with your new chumby one that you’ll forgive us.


chumby one available *now* for $99.95

November 12, 2009


This special pricing will only last through the end of November.  It’s our way of thanking our chumby friends who are paying attention :^)  And also a way to thank those of you willing to wait a bit and live with our current inventory situation where we’re selling chumby ones faster than we’re making them.  Sorry for the queue, but more chumby ones are on the way!

coming soon, chumby one

September 30, 2009


Yes, the rumors are true.  In October, chumby industries will be launching the new chumby one.  It is every bit a chumby, but still a little different from the chumby classic that you know and love.  Obviously a different look and some other differences that we will soon tell you about, for example an optional battery capability.  The chumby one will only be available on chumby’s web site at  The price will be $99.95 during a brief pre-order period (you heard it here first), and after we start shipping (planned for end of October), the price will be $119.95 for single orders and $99.95 each for orders of 2 or more.  But don’t worry, chumby classic will not be going away, it will soon be back in stock in many colors.

So stay tuned here for more info about a new way to wake up to your internet life.

buy chumby kits

September 17, 2009

chumby guts

One of our favorite publications/tech blogs is MAKE Magazine.  And I don’t just say this because the owner of Make, O’Reilly Media, through their involvement in OATV, is also an investor in chumby industries (but at least I got that disclosure out of the way).  We like MAKE because they advocate what we advocate, i.e., for people to get more directly involved in the creation, adaptation and enhancement of their own stuff and not to be just mindless consumers of it.  The original premise, still in effect, of chumby was that a chumby product should allow its owner to completely personalize it, and in every way:  not just change the content on it, but even, with the tools and the talent, to alter the enabling software and modify the housing and the electronics.  The marching song was “warranties are for wusses!”  And some people did some amazing things.  But we really didn’t make this easy for our hardware hacking and “case mod” friends:  they had to purchase a chumby at full price and then deconstruct it, likely ruining parts of it in the process, in order to get to the electronics and other components needed to turn it into something else.  You had to want to do this pretty badly in order to pay for the parts you didn’t want and then destroy a lot of things in the process.

Now, along with our friends at MAKE, we’ve made this process easier for those of you who want just the raw electronics of chumby for your own creations — you know who you are.

You can now go here and, for $99, which is half the price of a fully-built chumby, get yourself all of chumby’s electronic parts, okay, the “guts” of a chumby — btw, no one consulted chumby’s marketing department on that description, but …whatever.  If you’re brave enough to assemble a chumby, this description won’t turn you off.  Move fast, because there aren’t a lot of these kits.  And please let us know what you create.  Maybe you’ll even get a crazy idea like encasing all of these electronics in soft Italian leather and adding a “charm hook” for amusing rubber charms.

Hack on, and don’t forget to write.

chumby breaks free from its Italian leather bonds!

August 19, 2009

Elizabeth Woyke from Forbes wrote a nice piece about chumby yesterday.  Of course those of you who regularly read this blog have known for some time where chumby has been heading, because we told you back in January: .  While I wouldn’t exactly call myself the mastermind (“mwaaah-hah-hah”) behind chumby-as-a-service — fortunately chumby industries has far more masterful minds than the CEO’s doing the real work — this is, and always has been, where we’ve been headed.  We’re looking forward to offering you some of the cool new products we’re working on with many well-known partners.  Those of you who already own a chumby shouldn’t worry — you already know how we keep improving your device, for example adding Pandora, and your chumby will only continue to get better.  In fact I suspect that nothing that we’re working on will make you regret your purchase of a chumby now, so there’s still time to own “the classic,” even though we’re currently a bit thin on some of the colors.  A classic chumby remains the only Italian leather-covered “squishy” personal internet media player you can buy :^)

But there are some exciting new chumby products coming, so stay tuned.

Wake better

July 16, 2009

I have a confession to make: I have always hated chumby’s three standard alarm tones, i.e., those available to you when you set a “Quick Alarm” on chumby.  As we were hurrying to ship chumbys in early 2008, the standard alarm tones just didn’t receive a lot of thought.  We gave you a standard beep, a bugle reveille, and the most cacophonous and obnoxious klaxon horn you ever heard.  It’s not like this was a horrible product flaw or anything:  the tones work, some people actually like them (particularly those people who require some really loud and annoying sound in order to get out of bed), and not too many people complained.  I let it go at the time because someone who wanted to wake to something nicer from chumby could always choose from thousands of streaming internet radio stations, podcasts, Pandora Radio or a whole bunch of other music choices.  But we could have done better.  And one of the nice things about chumby is that we can get around to improving things that need improving and then update everyone’s chumby automatically over-the-air…voila!

So we finally got around to fixing this — and now I can sleep at night :^)

I spent a bit of time and asked people (it was a fun parlor game) what they thought would be the nicest sound you could possibly wake to.  One suggestion was a sexy voice saying, “Good morning, Honey, you’re so wonderful and desirable,” but I already hear that every morning (uh huh).  Another almost-compelling suggestion was the sound of “frying bacon” but, without the accompanying smell (we’re still working on that), it doesn’t quite do it.  Eventually it became clear.  It’s birds!  But which bird had the most beautiful song?  Consultations with leading ornithologists (I really did have these) weren’t conclusive, but a few favorites emerged.  European Blackbird, Hermit Thrush, Musician Wren.  All nice, really nice.  But, after listening to many of these, I decided to go with the Nightingale — just so lovely, yet still shrill enough to rouse you.

But we didn’t stop there.  No, sir.  There were other opinions and we listened!  Someone suggested the sound of their Granny’s old chiming clock — if you’re a synesthetic, we found “the sound of chintz.”  Then I saw a “zen” alarm clock that would wake you by physically striking a Tibetan gong.  Cool.  A bit “new agey” for my own taste, but interesting.  So if you’re pining for the Lamas rather than the fjords, now there’s a chumby alarm tone for you!  Goes nice with our Zen Garden widget too.  Start the day with a little Samadhi before your chumby flips to the weather forecast and the horrible news headlines.

Try the new tones and let us know what you think.  But if you stick with that damned Klaxon, now you have only yourself to blame.

And of course you can still go the Neil Young and Chopin route too.

And make sure you try out the sleep timer on chumby — you can fall asleep to various waves, rain, or other sleep-inducing sounds and your chumby will turn itself off after a few minutes.  Stand-alone “sleep sound generators” sell for $50-$150 — your chumby throws in this capability for free!  Such a deal, what are you waiting for?

What’s on my chumby? Thanks for asking.

June 26, 2009

Well, I have a few chumby channels, but the one I’m mostly tuned into has the following widgets on it:


Facebook Status

Doodles – Random Face Generator

Electric Ladyland

Mini Golf

Domo Klock

Facebook Photos

NASA One Image of the Day

Scrolling Message Clock 2.0

Zen Garden

Sky Happenings

Artifacts of History

London Shop Fronts

Weather by The Weather Channel

Chumbyland Sights


Five O’clock Shadow



Newtons Cradle

All In One Clock


Flickr Photo Viewer




Wind Chimes

My Panda

Grass Clock

EarthCam Webcam Network (Wrigley Field!)


Movie Showtimes

Radio Paradise (Now Playing)

Bar Clock

Buddha Quotes

The World Sunlight Map 1.1

Bubble Wrap

Times Square Rotating Cam

Cuba Cam

Grand Tetons Webcam

Atmos Chrono


Eiffel Tower Cam

Anatomy of a Clock

Trafalgar Square

Punch Clock

CBS Baseball Headlines


SAN DIEGO Traffic Map

Slider Clock

The kidrobot dunny gallery

NIXIE Circuit Clock and Date

Railway Station Clock

Japanese Syllabary Flash Card

Screen Clean

Chumby Analog Clock (white)

Astronomy Pic of the Day

Mandala Clock

Blue Ball Factory

New York Times – Headlines

This day in history…

Rotten Tomatoes



Blue Digital Clock

Google News

Skwoosh it!

Kaplan SAT vocab


Will Return Clock

Fat Cat Land

Fat Pengy in North Pole

NOAA Weather (US)

Daily Horoscope

Stuff On My Cat Clock

Sun/Moon Clock

Mona Lisa

Stock Quotes

Phrase of the Hour


Yeah, that’s a lot :^)

chumby for Dad

May 26, 2009

Now that Mom is crowing about her thoughtful and treasured chumby (you did send her one for Mother’s Day, right?), you better maintain marital bliss and deliver one to dear old Dad too.  We’ll make it easy on you and give you $30 off.  But don’t be thinking you can drag your sorry backside over here after mid-June and still get this deal!  Surely Dad taught you a bit more discipline than that:   “The early bird gets the worm,” “10% inspiration, 90% perspiration” “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” “Never up, never in,” “You better get me a chumby, you worthless ingrate.”  Thanks for all the wisdom, Dad!

Buy here:


A reason to love chumby, part II

May 22, 2009

The Doodles – Random Face Generator


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, chumby’s development community is relentlessly amazing.

Another beaut, McConnell.

chumby for Mom

April 30, 2009


She has put up with you all these years.  Doesn’t she deserve something this good?