Chumby keynoted at the Adobe MAX conference in Las Vegas

October 26, 2006

At this morning’s opening keynote presentation at the Adobe MAX conference, it was thrilling to hear Al Ramadan, Adobe’s Senior Vice President of their Mobile and Device Solutions Business Unit, discuss how the chumby was the coolest Flash device he has seen — and, even better given our target market, how his son, Lucas, loved it. Here’s a lousy photo of the event that I took with my camera phone — however this photo was almost instantaneously streaming over my chumby because I MMS’d it from my phone up to my flickr account where my chumby grabbed it and displayed it in the flickr photo viewer widget.

And here’s a better photo from flickr (taken by Andrew Muller with a real camera)

on flickr, by Andrew Muller, 1026/06

It was pretty amazing to see our little chumby on a 30-foot screen (actually several 30-foot screens) and in front of 3,000 Adobe/Macromedia faithful.

Even better was the fact that Al mentioned us to lead off his presentation. So we got top-billing over both the Sony PS3 (that has Flash embedded in it) and today’s announcement of FlashLite 2.1 on BREW over Verizon — at least that’s how we see it :)

But top-billing for the chumby is probably appropriate because, unlike with any cellular carrier, Flash developers can put their creations up on the Chumby Network right away and with no onerous certifications, third-party distribution agreements, business negotiations, and deck placement wrangling. Simply upload it and it’s there for hundreds (soon many thousands) of chumbians to share.

After the keynote, Duane Maxwell, our head of software engineering, attempted to conduct at the conference a so-called “Birds of a Feather” session about how to create and upload widgets to run over the Chumby Network. Unfortunately due to poor organization and communication over which day, when and where this session was to be held (this part of the event was IMO a total disaster), only a handful of “feathered birds” were able to persevere and find Duane’s session. The good news was that these attendees received prototype chumbys and are, we hope (remember, you promised!), developing cool new widgets that will show up on the Chumby Network soon.


2 Responses to “Chumby keynoted at the Adobe MAX conference in Las Vegas”

  1. Angela Says:

    Congratulations Chumby Industries! You are well on your way to world domination now! BTW, there is a better photo of the 20 foot chumby already on flickr.

  2. Hey guys, glad you could make use of my photo, thanks for the credit. I was lucky enough to meet Duane later that day and got a hands on Chumby experience.

    Photo of Duane and Chumby here:

    A mate of mine and fellow Aussie Dale Rankine was one of those lucky enough to score a Chumby at the Birds of a Feather, lucky bastard!

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