chumby for Dad

May 26, 2009

Now that Mom is crowing about her thoughtful and treasured chumby (you did send her one for Mother’s Day, right?), you better maintain marital bliss and deliver one to dear old Dad too.  We’ll make it easy on you and give you $30 off.  But don’t be thinking you can drag your sorry backside over here after mid-June and still get this deal!  Surely Dad taught you a bit more discipline than that:   “The early bird gets the worm,” “10% inspiration, 90% perspiration” “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” “Never up, never in,” “You better get me a chumby, you worthless ingrate.”  Thanks for all the wisdom, Dad!

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One Response to “chumby for Dad”

  1. SouthWind68 Says:

    These were some of the questions which I found very weird and pointless. ,

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