chumbonanza! get the chumby classic for $149.95

January 21, 2010

As popular as our new chumby one has turned out to be, many of you love the chumby classic, our original iconic bundle of always-on hand-sewn Italian leather stereo goodness.  There is nothing else like it, and there may never be.  It’s what I choose for my own bedside table.

So now, but only through February and only while supplies last, you can get the original “classic” chumby for an amazing price of $149.95…and we’ll even throw in free ground shipping.

Welcome to chumbonanza days!  But act fast :^)


3 Responses to “chumbonanza! get the chumby classic for $149.95”

  1. Euroboy Says:

    Any chance you’ll be shipping this to the entire EU, Chumby? We are still waiting for you to resolve whatever issues you claim to have.

    • Brian Says:

      Please delete my message if it isn’t kosher.

      Euroboy – I have an original Chumby, from the “First 50” field testing group in excellent condition that I could sell you and ship to the EU for you, I may even have the original packaging laying around somewhere. Email me at (brian at wesmax dot net)

  2. […] do litl, as diferenças entre os Dingoos, promoção do Chumby Classic a 149 dólares, rodada de software para o OpenPandora, nova versão do Win2x para o Wiz, Moblin (via Asianux) […]

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