New Chumby web site

February 12, 2008

In anticipation of more big news coming soon, we’ve significantly revised and enhanced Chumby’s web site.  Check it out and let us know what you think:

13 Responses to “New Chumby web site”

  1. børge Says:

    It looks good! But I couldn’t find a link to the blog, you forgot that? Maybe just put it down among the “about us” etc. links..?

    I really hope one of the big news is a Chumby with (replaceable) battery! :)

  2. john allsopp Says:

    Chumby available outside the US? Please please please please please!

  3. Binks Says:

    I donno Borge; adding a hardware feature now would sort of betray the “Buy early, get all the features as we update”.

    I imagine it’s some sort of software update that adds a neat feature, a corporate buy out/merger/partnership, or they’re announcing availability in another country.

    Or, I guess, it might be accessories (“Buy Chumby Brand Speakers!”), but I kinda doubt it.

    I’m most hoping for availability in another country… (Canada…)

  4. John Says:

    Nice! Does this mean an official launch is happening? :-)

  5. Simon Says:

    Will there be *new* chumby hardware? It would make people (like myself) buy your product now if we knew that the hardware wasn’t going to be updated when the final version is released.

  6. yannick Says:

    *great* update, guys. To be honest, I was going to post a negative review on my blog, and the last update has reversed that completely.

    I use Chumby in Spain, works great. Just need an adapter.

  7. Mark Says:

    @ Yannick:

    Why post a negative review of a product that hasn’t been officially released? Don’t be so impatient. Collect your negative issues, if they’re not in the forum, then post them there to let the devs know (so maybe they’ll fix it). If the product officially ships and they’re still not fixed, then put them in the review on your blog.

  8. jujuridl Says: not available? Any ETA ?

  9. SivadJ Says:

    Will we see the ability to stream XM Radio from our online XM accounts?

  10. RON Says:

    I should have this…Is chumby will be available in Philippines?

  11. Au Pair Says:

    very nice web site. My English is not so good, so I do not understandt it well, but it seems very good. Thanks

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