1 billion chumby apps served monthly … and growing fast

March 3, 2010

If you own a chumby device, you are now part of a community that is collectively receiving over 1 billion apps each month from chumby and its wonderful app developers.  This is an exciting milestone for us.  I guess we’re no longer an experiment :^)

This monthly app total is growing fast as we continue to launch new chumby-powered devices and as we work with large consumer electronics companies to bring chumby apps to their products.

Our goal, stated nearly 4 years ago, was to enable simple connected devices that delivered your favorite parts of the internet to you in a new and compelling way: saving you time, making the internet more convenient, and reconciling your “internet life” with your “real life.”

We believe that we’re making the consumer electronics industry better.  We’ve greatly improved the clock radio, and, with some big partners, have been working hard to reinvent the product category that has formerly been called “digital photo frames” (“horseless carriage,” anyone?) and many other somewhat mundane or moribund product categories that should be properly connected to the internet.

Perhaps our success and staying power is because we launched chumby in an untraditional way and with different rules.  We didn’t want chumby products to join your ever-growing box of discarded techno-crud. So we remain determined to continually update and improve anything that is chumby-powered — we’ll continue to make our software platform and our devices even more useful to you and even more compelling to app developers.  We hope that chumby will make your life a little better and more fun. Happily, many of you tell us that we do just that.


6 Responses to “1 billion chumby apps served monthly … and growing fast”

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  2. hwenhsiao Says:

    很高興看到Chumby的成長,希望台灣的使用者可以也有機會參與其中。Glade to see it growing fast. Hope we ,Taiwan users, can enjoy it as well.

  3. Steve,

    The figure of 1B apps is very impressive. How many users does that equate to? I’d like to Flash Lite 3 version of my app (BlogRadio) but I need to know how many monthly users are on the Chumby platform.

  4. Janko Says:

    Good to know. We wrote an article about Chumby and podcasting at Chumby. It’s in german.

  5. Frank Says:

    1 billion apps each month is a HUGE! Hope all will go smoothly in the future too.

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