I have always been a fan of gadgets…

October 21, 2010

It was probably inevitable that I ended up being the CEO of a company like chumby industries.  Certainly being an entrepreneur is a requirement for a job like this, but I think a simple survey of my house and office are pretty telling about what I do with my free time.  In my living room I have a 42″ Plasma HDTV that I bought before LCD was as inexpensive as it is today.  In the cabinets underneath the television are an assortment of devices.  First there is a Direct TV HD DVR.  Right on top of the DVR is a Roku box that my kids use to stream Netflix to their heart’s content.  In the cabinet next to the DVR and the Roku is my 1st generation Apple TV box that we use to buy first run movies and we also turn on my Flickr photostream when company is over to run a background of family photos.

In the kitchen I currently have a Sony Dash that I like to check out in the morning when I am making coffee or on the weekend when I am cooking.  Next to the Dash is my Sonos S5.  I love the Sonos and use it to play my big media collection but also to stream Pandora and Sirius XM.  Across the room on the other television is my PS3, which is used by my kids for Rockband and for me to play Madden and NCAA football.  On top of the TV area is an old school TV and a DVD player.

In my garage I have the main control center for technology which includes my Slingbox, a Time Capsule router, a Sonos router, a Vonage ATA and an assortment of hard drives and a first generation Mac mini that acts as the main sys admin computer (that would be me).

In my office I am currently looking at my iPad which is charging in its dock.  On the shelf behind me is my Acer Aspire One and an XO Laptop (I love that industrial design).  Scattered on the ledge in front of me are the Nokia N770, the N800 and a first generation Mylo.  They are mostly reminders of the past.  Around the rest of my workspace are a couple of chumby devices and a Infocast DPF.

So without going through any of my other rooms I think you can probably gather at this point that A. I am an early adopter and B . I really love technology in all its various incarnations.  With that said, I hope that you can appreciate how excited I am to be here at chumby to move into the next phase of the company.

As for me personally, I have been blogging sporadically since 2004 and you can find my mostly current blog here.  I was a very early user of Twitter (@Derrick).  I am an active and avid user of a number of social sites like Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare and I am always excited to see the new products and technologies people are bringing to the web and to mobile devices.

As far as what I have done professionally, I have pretty much been an executive in technology related companies since the late 90s.  This includes being the COO at MP3.com, President at Vivendi Universal’s Internet Music Group (Mp3.com, Rollingstone.com, emusic, GetMusic), founder and President at Intercasting Corporation and Senior Vice President at Good Technology for the last year after the acquisition of Intercasting by Good.  My experience runs across digital music, advertising, wireless, social media and enterprise mobile software.

Rather than run on and talk about where I see things headed with chumby industries, which I will do in a later post, I just mostly wanted to say hello, and look forward to bringing some great new products to market and making our existing products better for our current users.  I look forward to the fun times ahead.  Feel free to email me any comments or suggestions anytime at derrick@chumby.com .


2 Responses to “I have always been a fan of gadgets…”

  1. Joe Waco Says:

    Ha! Nice to see that there is someone else who has a garage of gadgets! I still have a trs-80..

  2. theartisanrogue Says:

    Thanks for this post. As I had mentioned in the last comment I left you in another entry you’d done, I am no early adopter, but I do love collecting techy gadgets of all kinds. Mainly old video game systems and peripherals, but I understand where you’re coming from on all of this.

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