Chumby at FOO Camp: One Year Later

June 24, 2007

About 10 months ago at Tim O’Reilly’s “FOO Camp,” we gave away a bunch of prototypes of a new device we were working on, called “the chumby.” We were delighted with the reception we got, and knew we were doing something that a lot of people were going to love. Something that let people have all of their important bits of the Internet available at a glance: essentially their always-on “Internet highlight reel.” Accessible in a super-easy way, with a style that would fit wherever they wanted to put it, and very affordable.

We’re back at FOO Camp again this year, showing off the progress we’ve made. The people who loved the chumby last year, were even more impressed this year.

You can follow along at home:


One Response to “Chumby at FOO Camp: One Year Later”

  1. […] Anyways, as well as some some engadget coverage today … Steve Tomlin posted some news about the production version of the chumby scheduled to launch a bit later than expected … Steve also has a retrospective post from FOO camp. […]

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