Chumby launch plans and product features

June 24, 2007

Many of you are waiting to hear more from us about our launch plans. This is still not completely final, and this is still subject to change, but here goes.

Following what is now about 10 months of giving away alpha-prototype chumbys while we have been doing a complete rework of the chumby, we are going to begin a small “Beta launch” of the chumby in July. So, yes, real people (but only a few) will be able to order real chumbys in a few weeks — not too much past when we thought we’d be able to sell them (“early Summer”). And we are going to expand distribution of chumbys later this summer to more of you, so watch your email.

We expect that the pricing for a chumby will be $179.95, fully-delivered, no fees or extra subscriptions. We debated a lot of different pricing models over the past few months, such as a slightly lower price but then requiring an annual subscription fee, or breaking out shipping and handling separately. But we decided that what most people would probably want — because this is what they told us they wanted and is, frankly, what we would want if we were buying them — is one simple all-in price right to their door with no additional fees or anything. We all have too many subscriptions already, who needs another one?, or a little extra unpleasant surprise when it comes time to total up the shipping charges. So we decided to keep things simple and straightforward.

Special limited edition chumby styles will cost a little more, and we’ll also be selling Chumby charms and accessories (more news on this soon).

We’re shipping chumbys a little later than we initially planned because we decided that the ability to have video running on chumby would be amazing. So we waited to launch with the brand-new Adobe Flash Lite 3 software, the program that plays Chumby widgets. This is a really big step forward and we’re thrilled to be one of the very first products, if not the very first, on the market powered by FL3. Trust us, it’s worth the wait.

If you have one of our early prototypes we think you’ll be pretty amazed at how far chumby has come in about 10 months. Much better “fit and finish,” dramatically enhanced user interface and functionality, and great new audio and video capabilities.

Stay tuned.


31 Responses to “Chumby launch plans and product features”

  1. Aukcje Says:

    This thing is so cool! I want one! It’s like a geeky furby!

  2. Alex Says:

    This sounds cool!

    Will the final Chumby be RoHS conform so it is available to europeans too?

  3. linuxlibrarian Says:

    How is who gets offered the beta version determined? :) Man, I’ve been salivating over this thing since my husband was gonna buy one for my birthday a few months ago. :)

  4. Says:

    […] It seems that the guys at Chumby are really busy for the beta launch this July of Chumby and the surprise is that it will have Flash Lite 3 […]

  5. Andrew Says:

    Please consider me for the beta. I’ve owned several similar devices and feel I would be a very productive and active tester.

    Best of luck with the response. I really believe you have a winner on your hands.

  6. Shea Says:

    I have watching Chumby grow-up on the web, from Foo Camp to (almost) now the beta testing stage. You guys have done a great job!

    Can’t wait to see one in real life. I tried to be one of the “Alpha” testers but didn’t get in on it, I hope I get one in the beta tester stage.

    I wish you luck on the final stages.

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  8. […] posted their launch plans and final product features on their corporate blog yesterday, complete with an announcement that the device will be the first […]

  9. Daz Says:

    I am shocked that I missed hearing about something like this before now. This looks like a great device that should be a BIG hit. I would be happy to be a beta tester also.

  10. slatch Says:

    we are conciously waiting for it.

  11. madcream10 Says:

    Please market via some type of affiliate marketing plan.
    Else the product will rapidly fill its nitch and die.

  12. […] Chumby launch plans and product features […]

  13. […] la gente de Chumby acaba de anunciar en su blog que prevén un Beta Launch para el mes de julio, con lo cual los primeros que se presenten van a […]

  14. […] la gente de Chumby acaba de anunciar en su blog que prevén un Beta Launch para el mes de julio, con lo cual los primeros que se presenten van a […]

  15. Mitchell Says:

    I for one look forward to the Chumby, but if one must wait one must wait.

    I am sure the people at Chumby are working hard to deliver the best product they can and know the risk of people becoming distracted, which can spell doom for any product, even a good one.

    I wish them luck, it is a balancing act I don’t envy.

  16. Charlotte Says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these! Sounds like you guys have a truly wonderful product.

  17. […] Chumby launch plans and product features […]

  18. Robert Says:

    I’d happily pay to be a beta user. The device looks wicked cool.

  19. Dan Says:

    Cannot wait!

  20. Fontosaurus Says:

    Wow. I just discovered Chumbys today. (And how could I have been so far behind on the curve?) I totally have to have one. Looks like it’s time to start setting aside money for the purchase, as I think I’m going to be an early adopter.

    Normally, I only get this enthused about Apple products…so you guys are definitely on to something good. :-)

  21. Sandi Says:

    I’m with Fontosaurus, I just found this site today and can’t wait! I do think the wait for FL3 will be worth it.

  22. betasynth Says:

    What are your plans for distribution in Europe? I have some widget ideas I’m acheing to try, great to know about FL3.

  23. Parrish Says:

    Sooo cool

  24. Daniel Says:

    Are there any plans to ship overseas, for example Australasia? How would this effect the shipping costs?

  25. Steve Says:

    Any thoughts of fitting a Kensington Security Slot to the Chumby?
    I could image have a bunch of them available for people to try out provided they would not all disappear in the first five minutes.

  26. Eric Says:

    Ok, it’s September. Can we please have a release date?
    Can we preorder?

  27. Mitchell Says:

    And all the while there is silence in Chumby land as people beg, and cry, and plead for a release date. And yet…..there is the sound…..the sound of silence.

  28. […] been constantly reworking different aspects of Chumby to improve it: to make the chumby look better, have more capabilities, and more engaging content. This has always been our development path: put […]

  29. More Chumby Says:

    […] The gadget is very simple in design and concept, but oh so very cute. They have now announced their launch plans on their […]

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  31. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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