The chumby is an IPTV

July 3, 2007

As I type this I am watching lengthy anime features, from a widget created by our friends at Anime Kiosk, on my chumby.  Assuming you like anime, it is really cool and demonstrates that the chumby isn’t really a “widget appliance” or a “cuddly bedside computer” (all other people’s terms, by the way, and not ones we particularly like), it is an inexpensive internet television, or IPTV.  Streaming Flash video on a small and “lifestyle-friendly” device (i.e., not a full-blown PC) is really amazing.  At least I’m enjoying it :^)

Now if you don’t happen to like anime, don’t worry.  Lots more streaming video widgets will be coming soon to a chumby near you.  So get a teeny, tiny, cuddly bag of popcorn and stand by.


9 Responses to “The chumby is an IPTV”

  1. Anon Says:

    lol at Anime Kiosk:

    “We currently DO NOT SUPPORT Internet Explorer”

    Way to annihilate your user base, guys!

    But this is good news, I really wanted Chumby to be able to play video. Whether or not it can play decently is a large deciding factor for myself.

  2. Chris Says:

    What about slingbox? Does it work on the Chumby?

  3. notbeinguseful Says:

    If Chumby could get this level of video-control, it would be a phenomenal appliance.

  4. Rocketeer Says:

    Will the Chumby be able to play radio audio streaming? I would like to listen to my local AM radio station every morning on the Chumby. Will I be able to navigate to their “Click here to listen” button and hear it on the Chumby?


  5. kayakbabe Says:

    What I want to do with a chumby… view streaming video from my ip addressable webcam… so I can see who’s outside the door before get off my butt, walk to the front door and open it.

  6. […] that chumby was also an iPod boombox (which it still is, to some degree), and that chumby was an IPTV (which it is even more now, with the addition of music videos by Avot […]

  7. […] Checking through my pictures of past projects I came across the Anime Kiosk Chumby widget. Here we have me right after the final Chumby product was ready before it was shipped out. AK was the beta tester for the Chumby for IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) over flash lite. […]

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